Annex B. Voice calls to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)

Dear customer,

Thank you for using the services powered by the Socializer Messenger mobile application (“Soc. Messenger”). We will refer to all these services as “Services”. By registering with Soc. Messenger you warrant to have the necessary legal capacity and understanding to commit to the terms of use (“Terms”) set out herein. The Terms are the basic rights and obligations between us when you use the Services and constitute a binding agreement (“Agreement”) between you and MeMo News AG (“MeMo News”), Seestrasse 60, CH-6052 Hergiswil, Switzerland.

Please note that Soc. Messenger is not a replacement for your mobile or fixed line telephone and does not allow you to make emergency calls to emergency services such as police, fire brigade, or emergency medical services. To ensure that you can make such calls you must make alternative communication arrangements.

  1. Making Voice calls to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Through the use of the Soc. Messenger application it is possible to call fixed landlines or mobile numbers of non-Soc. Messenger users.
  2. Charging You will be charged for using the services in accordance with the rates set out in the relevant pricing guide. All calls are charged by the minute. The maximum duration for a single call is 1 hour and 59 minutes. All charges are including VAT where applicable. At the end of a call, fractional charges will be rounded up to the nearest whole cent. For example a call at a price of 0.024 credits will be rounded to 0.03 credits. During the call, charges incurred will be deducted automatically from your Points balance in your Account. A call will be terminated automatically when your balance reaches zero.
  3. Rates When calling out with Soc. Messenger to landlines or mobiles of non-Soc. Messenger users around the world the rate is indicated by Soc. Messenger on your device in Soc. Messenger credits (“ credits”). The current global rates can be viewed in the call rates section available in the Settings of your application. MeMo News may change the rates for calling phones at any time without prior notice. The new rate is deemed accepted by you if you make your call.
  4. Call duration The duration of a call shall be based on one-minute increments. Fractions of minutes will be rounded up to the next minute. For example is your call lasts for 119 seconds then it will be rounded up to two minutes.
  5. Top up your account You can Top-up your Points online, fast and secure, without logging in. The available Top up mechanism is provided in the Annex C. Charging and Recharging (Top Up)
  6. Problems with our services. We will provide our services with reasonable skill and care. However, our services are not fault-free and are not available everywhere in the world. There are a number of reasons why you may find problems with the services, including moving to/from home or work, weather conditions, damage to our network, the number of people using the network and so on. Please contact us if you experience a service issue and we will attempt to fix it. If you are experiencing a materially degraded service for an unreasonable period of time, please send us a message to [email protected] specifying the location you are in and the version of the application (can be found in the settings menu of the application at the bottom of the screen). We’ll not be responsible for any loss of service due to something outside our reasonable control. During busy periods on our network and servers we may need to manage traffic to ensure everyone has access to our services.
  7. Contacting us and complaints. a. You can send us notices or complaints by post in the official company address, or via email on: You can send notices, ask questions or make proposals via email on: [email protected] b. You can report problems or issues via email on: [email protected] c. You can send your complains via email on: [email protected]