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We bring your internal communications to a completely new level.


This is the game changer for your security, privacy and productivity.

Socializer Messenger is your complete communication suite. It does everything you can expect from a state-of-the-art messenger, but brings your internal communication to a whole new level in four dimensions: Privacy, Security, Business and Administration.

What all the others are doing


Secure communication

Conversations, files, and photos are always protected end-to-end encrypted. You are always in control of your privacy.

Messaging and sharing

Full messaging suite supporting document and media sharing, on-board toolbox, self-destruct messaging, emojis and many more.

Powerful media management

Secure local file storage, editing tools for your documents and photos, document signing and secure backup functionalities.

Security by Default

Military-grade end-to-end encryption ensures that only you and the person or group you are talking to, have access to your conversations.


What you can expect from a business messenger

Of course, we cover all the features that the most popular messenger tools include.





Video conferencing



Address Book

Do-not-disturb- Mode


Remote Edit & Delete


File sharing

Markup and annotate


Multiple Device Support


High Quality Audio




After-Call Notifications



Practical business features

Optimize important processes in your company thanks to unique business features – simple and centrally managed by the only communication platform you’ll ever need.

Digital Registered Mail

Ensure that important messages and documents are recieved and time-stamped.

Scan and Docu-Sign

Thanks to an integrated scanner, documents can be scanned, signed and sent directly in our messenger – without redundant and insecure third-party solutions.


Invite your customers and partners easily via the guest function and integrate them into your secure communication environment. Give your partners access to the contacts and folders they need.

Integrated File Manager


Validated Live Photos

Call Recording

Calls to Landlines and Mobiles

Multiple profiles

Sometoo®-Postage Planning


Increased privacy thanks to unique features

Protect your confidential data- increase the security and privacy of your internal communications.

Protection of your data from malicious external/third-party access

Avoid any compromising external access to your data by activating additional encryptions.

  • Fake Unlock Mode
  • Password-Containers
  • Face Recognition
  • Additional App Lock
  • Self-Destructing Messages

Prevent data leakage

Export and forwarding rules let you maintain control over internal data and prevent improper forwarding and exports.

  • Screenshot-Protection
  • Forwarding-Prevention
  • Export-Rules

Make your data visible to the right eyes only

Make sure your data is only visible to your actual recipient by requiring additional encryption on the recipient’s device.

  • Forced Privacy
  • PIN-Secured Messages

Protection against phishing attacks

Thanks to multiple and individually configurable identities, you decide which personal data is visible to the outside world.

  • Pseudonym Mode
  • Multiple Identities


Full control, versatile functions, measurable changes

Thanks to the unique and comprehensive admin panel, you can control the level of data security, optimize important processes, as well as view relevant user statistics and thus improve the internal communication in your company.

Rights and roles management

Assign roles and create access-array you define for your users, giving them access to the appropriate contacts, folders and groups.

  • User management panel
  • Creation of user groups and group configurations
  • User stats & insights
  • Import and export options
  • Data and contact access management

Extensive geo-location features

Unique geolocation capabilities let you define different rooms and track employees in the field.

  • Geo-fencing rules
  • Definition of boundaries
  • Geo-tracking
  • Route-logging

Create and manage channels

Manage channels, groups and control them from one central interface.

  • Channel-/Broadcasting-Management
  • Channel-Categories

Encryption & Security

Highest level of security thanks to modern encryption

State-of-the-art encryption ensures full security.

MITM protection

Locally encrypted files (thanks to integrated file manager)

The integrated file manager allows you to store and manage confidential data in a secure environment.


End-to-end encryption – not only for chats.

  • Chats
  • Groupchats
  • Calls
  • Video-conferences

256bit Encryption

The Socializer Messenger is encrypted with AES 256-bit, which is the strongest and most robust encryption standard currently commercially available.

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