Professional Package

Anything you need for the start.
The perfect plan for your first steps.

Choose from all available networks.

Up to 4 connected profiles

either one per network or up to 4 of one network

One user only. Limited scheduled posts and history.

Upgrades worth considering:

If you want to fully benefit from managing up to 8 different platforms with no additional effort or plan to involve a team to increase your productivity, then upgrade to the Team or Platinum plan.

All you need to become a crypto-influencer

Research. Trade. Share!
Socializer is the perfect companion for all CoinAnalysts, who want to build up their own valuable community. – And not only for crypto trading.

All your profiles. From one dashboard.

Including Instagram, Xing, Telegram and more.

CoinAnalyst’s best friend

With their deep integration, combining both provides you the best value.

Lots of helpful features

Schedule everything. Don’t miss comments. Team features. And more.

Networks you can use


For everyone in the crypto world, Telegram is a central tool to keep ones peers up to date and engage with them.

Instagram incl. Stories

Instagram is not just about beautiful people and lifestyle. Quite the contrary! This can’t be underestimated!


Worldwide, LinkedIn is the best way to find business leads, B2B partners & customers.


Finding totally new leads and connections is nowhere easier than in Twitter.


regardless of strong competition, Facebook is still by far the biggest network covering practically all age groups.


With relevant video content, YouTube can deliver lots of qualified leads for your sales funnel or build up your reputation.


In the German-speaking world, XING stays the largest professional network.


Not only for e-commerce, Pinterest is a great visual community.

More to come…

We are continuously developing more connections, more profile types, …